Point Of View

by Nick Sriperumbudur

Types of Point of View

First Person

In the first person point of view, the narrator does participate in the action of the story. When reading stories in the first person, we need to realize that what the narrator is recounting might not be the objective truth. We should question the trustworthiness of the accounting.


I went to the pet shop to buy a pet fish, but the manager told me that all the animals escaped earlier that morning.

Third Person Point of View

Here the narrator does not participate in the action of the story as one of the characters, but lets us know exactly how the characters feel. We learn about the characters through this outside voice.


Dexter was a weird child. He had no friends and preferred spending most of his time alone at home.

Objective Point of View

With the objective point of view, the writer tells what happens without stating more than can be inferred from the story's action and dialogue. The narrator never discloses anything about what the characters think or feel, remaining a detached observer.


Pedro skated down the street with his headphones on.


Jason stopped at each and every house in the neighborhood holding a big red box.

I thought the roller coaster was not so scary at first, but when i sat in it, i screamed for my life.

He made sure that he performed well on stage since his entire career depended on it.