Are Graphic Novels Literature?

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Our One Book, One Community book for this school year is the graphic novel El Deafo by CeCe Bell. This inspiring, poignant, biographical story of the author's struggle to deal with the loss of her hearing as a child is told with wit and humor.

Graphic novels are a newer format in children's literature and have received a lot of attention in recent years as publishers are publishing more of them for children. Many of them garner awards and critical praise. However, some parents and even educators have questioned their value prompting questions such as:

  • Are graphic novels the same as comic books?
  • Do they have literary merit?
  • Should children be reading them all the time?

These are valid questions I have been asked many times over my career as a children's librarian. I have curated a few articles that I think will help shed some light on this topic and support the important role graphic novels play in a child's reading journey.

Articles to Help You Learn More About Graphic Novels