Resources for Educators!

Internet Resources for teachers and the classroom!

SurfNetKids - One of the Many Categories - Animal Photography!

SurfNetKids.Com has hundreds and hundreds of categories and resources to choose from! I chose an art & photography category which pulled up a resource that was a link to National Geographic's Website and showed tons of pictures of animals that could be used as a visual aid in a lesson or project for your kiddos!

21st Century Tools

This is a neat wikispace filled with tons of alternative and progressive tools for learning! There are many ebook resources on this website that could be a good tool for those students who struggle with reading, having learning disabilities or dyslexia. Very cool resource! Worth looking through!

Cool Tools For Schools

This website has mapping tools, audio tools, converting tools, graphing tools and many more things that could be useful for students working on projects, trying to grasp concepts and for alternative ways of presenting material!

Technology in the Classroom

This website is chalk full of information on laptops, iPads and anything technologically inclined! There is a wave of schools getting 1:1 iPads at their schools and there are so many interactive softwares, apps, and other programs that many people probably don't know about. This is a good resource for looking into all that is available to make the most of your iPad in education!


This is one of my favorite sites for resources for teachers. 'What works in the classroom' is the subheading and this site gives you exactly that except more! There are hundreds of helpful links & ideas for teachers. There are Common Core standards and Integrative Technology links that can be the guide for any novice or expert teacher alike!


As fun and all consuming as pinning food, clothes and DIY home projects are, there are actually a lot of great teacher resources & boards on pinterest! I have found anything from activities, to help with classroom management idea's, to advice for first year teachers and even teacher fashion boards! Take a look around, you will find some pretty neat, and helpful stuff!

The Teaching Channel

This site is full of video's and tutorials on anything you could possibly imagine. It has resources for teachers as well as students. Different categories, subjects and themes are available to poke around in. Each video tells you the link and what it's about!


Schooltube is a new found resources for myself! It has a countless amount of interactive and informative videos. There are resources for teachers and students alike!


TedTalks is a website full of videos relating to hot topics, global issues, science, business and many more area's of interest. It would be a good source for your students to discover and find out about what going on today and hear different perspectives on the issues happening all around the world!


A great site for uploading and sharing videos! Good resource for teachers to keep sharing and spreading knowledge and ideas!