Don't Get Squashed!

CECHS parking lot rules

The Problem

Teachers have brought up the issue that, students hang out in the parking lot after school, cut through the parking lot to get to college class, and are constantly leaving important items for school in their vehicles. This creates a safety issue among the students.

The Solution

Students will be aloud to go to their car for forgotten items with a teacher's permission, based on the item's importance. Students will also be given extra time before college class to get things out of their car for class, or drop off unneeded books. Students will have to walk on the sidewalk and can only go to their car under a teacher's supervision. After college classes the students who drive will be able to leave as long as they check in with a teacher and all students in the parking lot must leave by 2:45.

Positive and Negative.

Positive: All students have what they need for class.

Negative: People might not use the time for what it is for.

How it will look: Some students will use it correctly and some won't.