Happenings Worth Hollering About

The First Week of School! August 15, 2013

Welcome! Welcome!

Hello parents!

What a wonderful start to the year! We have been spending this first week getting to know each other and learning the rights, responsibilities, and expectations of our school. I have learned so much already about each student, and I look forward to getting to know them even better!

Here are some logistics for my class...

1. I have a wiki, but I will be switching over to doing Edmodo. Edmodo is a Facebook style networking site that is specifically for education. I will be able to push out assignments, upload resources, and streamline how I give information to students. Each student will receive a username and password at the end of next week, and I will be taking them through the steps on how to access everything.

*If you do not have computer access at home, please let me know, and I will make arrangements for assignments to be done in class.

2. Next Monday, the students in my homeroom writing class will begin to blog. I will provide each student with a username and password for www.kidblog.org/msgarris3rdgrade . Each student in my homeroom writing class will be expected to blog once a week. For the first 9 weeks, I will only grade based on completion. If an entry was completed, then a 100% for their language arts homework grade for the week will be given. After the first 9 weeks, I will begin to grading based on content and grammar. For each grammatical mistake, I subtract 1 point. If the entry is confusing, then I will take 5 points. More information will be provided on Monday about the blog!

3. For behavior, I use Class Dojo. Class Dojo is a website that allows for students, parents, and teachers to track student behavior. This is my first year using this program, and the students already seem enthusiastic about gaining points. At the end of every day, students will write down their total amount of points in their agendas. I have a "Dojo Point Exchange Menu" that describes what purchase with their points. I will be sending home a flyer that further describes what Class Dojo is and how it can be accessed by parents. This flyer will go home next Thursday.

4. My class website is meant for PARENTS. This is where I will be posting my weekly newsletter, curriculum, and school/curriculum resources. I also have a Google calendar at the bottom of the main page that has any important dates. Please check it regularly because things may change!

5. We will have a snack time everyday. I STRONGLY encourage healthy snacks, and I do not allow candy during snack time. If students bring in juices, they may drink them during the snack break, but they may not drink them at any other time. Water is always welcome as long as the bottle/container has a cap that closes tightly.

I think that's enough information for now!

Please, if you have any questions, feel free to email me, and I will respond as soon as I am available.


-Ms. Garris, Nerfy, and Harry