Pine Ridge Prep Update

January 16, 2023

Welcome from Mrs. Tanner & Mrs. Banzhaf

Dear Pine Ridge Prep Families,

We hope you enjoyed the long weekend with your families! We are right back into the groove of things this week!

Click the link to access the 2022-2023 Family Handbook.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Thank you for the privilege of serving you ~

Mrs. Gabrielle Tanner, Principal

Mrs. Shelley Banzhaf, Building Leader Intern

Upcoming Events

January Events

  • January 27 - Discovery Center Field Trip

You can find all school events listed on our school calendar which you can access on our webpage.

Items That Need Your Attention

Receiving School Messages

When we send messages to all families, such as this weekly newsletter, emergency alerts, event reminders, etc., we send those via email and text. If you have not been receiving them via text, it could be that you have not yet opted in to that service. If you would like to begin receiving messages this way, text "YES" to 86088.

We Are Learning To...

This Week We Are Learning To...

Math - 3 Year Olds

  • We are learning to know number names and count in order so we can use numbers to get what we want and need.
  • We are learning to count with 1:1 correspondence
  • We are learning to understand patterns to help us predict what will happen next and that adding one more is a +1 pattern.

Math - 4 Year Olds

  • We are learning to know number names and count in order so we can use numbers to get what we want and need.
  • We are learning to count to tell the number of objects so we can name and label groups.
  • We are learning to understand amounts and the numbers they connect to using our math thinking and manipulatives/tools.

Reading - 3 Year Olds

  • We are learning to ask and answer questions about a text so we can understand a text.
  • We are learning to use illustrations so we can compare and contrast texts.
  • We are learning to speak clearly so others can understand our ideas, feelings, and needs.
  • We are learning to draw pictures so we can share information with others.

Reading - 4 Year Olds

  • We are learning to ask and answer questions about a text so we can analyze key details from the story.
  • We are learning to use details so we can compare and contrast text. (Characters and events)
  • We are learning to use words to express our thoughts so we can verbally express what we know.
  • We are learning to show our thoughts with words and pictures so that we can write a story.

Social Studies - 3 Year Olds

  • We are learning to name places in our home and classroom so we can recognize our location in the world.
  • We are learning to recognize how we impact our home and school environment so we can have a positive impact on your community.

Social Studies - 4 Year Olds

  • We are learning to name our city and state so we can recognize our location in the world.
  • We are learning to recognize a community as a place where people live, work, and play so that we can understand our role in the community.


  • We are learning about different forces, push and pull so we can demonstrate the force on different objects.

Social/Emotional Learning

  • We are learning to recognize clues in our bodies so that we know when we are having strong feelings.
  • We are learning to recognize and name our feelings to help us calm down and manage them.

Ci3T Weekly Parent Newsletter

Using Choice at Home: A Step-by-Step Guide for Families

What is choice?

Offering choice is a strategy in which a person (in this case a caregiver) offers their child two or more options for an activity or setting. As adults make so many of the decisions affecting children, offering choice gives children some control over the activities they do during the day within the family schedule. Choice is used to promote decision-making and other self-determined behaviors. Offering choice can be done for many activities such as helping make the family menu, deciding on which game to play, or which path to take when on a walk.

Offering choice prevents problems as all choices offered should be acceptable to the family.

How do I use this strategy at home? In the table below, we provide the steps for how to get started with choice at home. Following the steps are two examples, one for younger children and one for older youth.

Step 1 Determine what types of choices you would feel comfortable offering to your child during various settings or activities throughout the day and create a menu of choices.

Step 2 Use the menu to select the choices to offer each day.

Step 3 After you have made your “choice menu,” offer these choices to your child during the identified setting or activity.

Step 4 Ask your child to make their choice.

Step 5 Provide wait time for your child to select their choice.

Step 6 Listen to (or observe) your child’s response.

Step 7 Remind your child to make a choice from one of the available options if they have not made a choice within the time you gave them.

Step 8 Praise whatever choice your child makes and provide them with the option they chose.

Step 9 Offer your child a chance to give feedback on the choice they made.

Time to Eat!

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Informational Items

Home Depot Workshops

Each month, Home Depot offers a fun workshop for kids! Show up toward the beginning of the session to ensure there are enough materials for your child. Children must be present to receive a kit. They get to keep their project, receive a free certificate of achievement, a workshop apron, and a commemorative pin (while supplies last). Can't make it to Home Depot for the kids' workshop? Why not bring the party home! Here are just a few of the ready to assemble kits you can buy and build at home. also offers great kids' activities, videos, and how-to's!

Workshops take place the first Saturday of each month from 9:00-12:00.

February 5: Valentine's Photo Box

COVID Protocols

Please be sure to review both the COVID Update and the information on the Parent Resources page for the latest information from the CDC. Masks are encouraged, but not required. We will maintain strict sanitation protocols.

Late Start

Late Start is on FRIDAYS for this school year and the arival time will be at 9:30.

Academic Calendar

You can find the 2022-2023 Academic Calendar HERE.

Family Resources

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Kansas Homeowner Assistance Fund

The Kansas Homeowner Assistance Fund (KHAF), a federally funded, temporary emergency program to support homeowners experiencing hardship during the Covid pandemic, has dispersed 80 percent of program funds. Since the program launched in April 2022, KHAF has provided $37,460,240 to 3,377 households. With 20 percent of funds still available, homeowners in need of assistance are encouraged to apply now while funding remains.

“I was stressed and overwhelmed when I got behind on my mortgage payments,” said one KHAF applicant. “With so much going on in my life, I was hesitant to get started applying for KHAF assistance. However, once I sat down and focused, I learned that the application process was much easier than I thought. My advice to others is to apply now; don’t wait. You will be surprised by the simple process; if you need help, you can always call a KHAF customer service representative.”

KHAF was established with American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to help qualifying Kansas homeowners get current on their mortgage payments and avoid foreclosure. Eligible homeowners at least 30 days past-due on mortgage and/or property taxes can receive payment assistance for mortgages, utility bills, property taxes, and other charges associated with delinquency.

For more information and to apply, visit the Kansas Homeowner Assistance Fund (KHAF) webpage. For questions, contact KHAF customer service at 855-307-5423.

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Food & Clothing Bank

The Pine Ridge Prep Food & Clothing Bank is up and running! If your family has any needs, reach out to Ms. Heather Hayden at 785-329-7876.

Community Resources Council Directory

You can find the link to the 2021 Community Resources Council Resource Directory here. This directory provides contact information for a variety of community resources.

If in need of resources, you can also contact the United Way by dialing 211.

Food Pantry Lists

See the following links for Food Pantry resources available to families.

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