School Counselor

April 13-17, 2020

Plano ISD Counseling Department Lessons

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Mrs Toler talks about New opportunities

Mrs Toler talks about new opportunities

Feeling Lonely

Mrs Toler reads about feeling lonely

Your are Incredible

Mrs Toler reads Incredible You

Social Clubs

A school is so much more than a building to provide academic instruction. Our schools provide friendships, social communication and a sense of community and belonging. So many of our students need this social connection for their emotional health. Many students could be grieving the loss of this social connection during this difficult time.

As we have begun phase 3 of remote learning, I am so eager to provide a social connection for the students of Mathews. If your student desires to connect with other students, please consider joining a social group, led by Mrs Toler.

Some of our social clubs will include: Breakfast club, Lego club, coloring club, movie club and others. The social club are completely optional, and take place at various times and days throughout the week.

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Social Clubs with the counselor

Click here to register your student for a Zoom social sessions with the counselor and other classmates. Parent Permission is required to participate.