Magnus Chase: Sword of Summer

Published October 6 2015, Author Rick Riordan ,Genre Fiction


The protagonists in the story are Magnus chase, Sam Al-abbas, Blitz, and Hearth. A trait for Magnus is that he is very troubled, here is some evidence that Magnus is troubled, his mother died two years prior the events of the story in a fire and he was forced to live on the streets of Boston, Massachusetts, the next is he never met/ knew his father which he doesn't learn till the middle of the book that his father is actually a Norse god. The last piece of evidence is that Magnus is forced to stop the Norse apocalypse called Ragnarok.A trait for Sam is that she is very brave. Some evidence that Sam is brave is that she faced banishment for taking Magnus to Valhalla so that she could try to prevent Ragnarok, the next piece of evidence id that she faced her evil brother that could destroy the world, finally she fought three people to try to get a sword to try to stop Ragnarok. Blitz is a very protective Dwarf and by dwarf I mean a literal Dwarf. Three ways to prove this are that he fought against a fire giant to make sure Magnus wouldn't get hurt, He also went in the sun which can be fatal to Dwarves to protect Magnus, then finally he faced a frost giant to keep Magnus safe. Hearth is a very pained Elf firstly his parents hated him secondly he is deaf and lastly his brother died.


The antagonists of the story are a fire giant named Surt and Loki. A trait for Surt would be that he is powerful. The first way this is shown is that he makes all of the man holes in Boston explode, the second is that he made the temperature rise to more than a hundred degrees in the winter, and lastly he showed this by fighting Magnus while he had the most powerful sword in existence. A trait for Loki is that he is very mischievous. He shows this by almost tricking Magnus to join his side then he found a way to kill one of the gods that had a spell on him that made him invincible, then finally he fooled many people to do bad things by changing shape into different people and or things.

Point of view

The story is told in first person through the eyes of Magnus Chase. This is important to the story in many ways. First it is important because Magnus is the first person you meet in the story and is the main character of the story. Next reason is because if it wasn't you wouldn't now the feelings and emotions of Magnus. Finally if it wasn't you wouldn't get to hear all of the funny things that happened to Magnus personally.

The conflicts of the story

Here is a list of the conflicts of the story.

1. Magnus is struggling with the death of his mother and is tempted many times throughout the story to give in to Loki's claims that he can unite Magnus with his mother once again. This conflict is internal.

2. Magnus and his friends struggle to reach a secret island that holds the Nine worlds of Asgard most lethal enemy Fenris wolf and tie him down with more sturdier rope before the evil Surt can release him. This conflict is external.

3. One of Magnus's friends named Hearth is struggling with the pain that his parents never loved him. This is a internal conflict.

4. Another one of Magnus's friends is struggling with being kicked out of the Valkyries which was the most important thing in her life. This an internal conflict.

These are all of the conflicts of the story.

Plot summary

The book starts with Magnus under a bridge with his homeless buddies Blitz and Hearth

who warn him that people are looking for him and he needs to hide he then sneaks around the city of Boston and finds the people who are looking for him which are his cousin Annabeth and Uncle Fredrick. He then runs to his other uncle's house were his uncle finds him and forces him to go somewhere with him where he is attacked by a fire giant named Surt. After he is attacked by Surt he summons a magical sword and attacks Surt himself which shortly after he is killed. He is then taken to Valhalla by a girl named Sam Al-abbas and is turned into an einherjar. He is then after a few days living in Valhalla he is visited by his friends who are a dwarf and elf who take him back to the human world.

Magnus is now faced with an impossible task of stopping the end of the Nine Worlds. Magnus and his friends then go on a boat to barter with a goddess of the sea to get a sword and an apple of immortality to give to a giant. They then go to the dwarf world of Nidavellir to get an invincible rope to hold an evil powerful wolf for centuries. After this they go to Jotunheim to get back to the human world. After this they go to the island that the wolf is located on and have a huge battle. After the battle the wolf is trapped and Surt is sent back to his home world. When they all go back to Valhalla they are rewarded for their success.


The setting of the story is in Boston and other worlds in modern time. This is important to the plot because of a few reasons. The first reason is because it wouldn't make sense that some of the things in the book could happen in our world like 100 foot tall giants trying to kill Thor. the next is that Boston is the anchor of Earth to the rest of the worlds via the world tree. Then the last reason is that they talk about many things that exist today and wouldn't make sense if this was in medieval times when the book takes place.


The theme of this story is that sometimes the things you want most in life are with you all the time. This is expressed in the story many times here are some examples of how. Magnus really wants to be reunited with his mother who died two years ago by magic wolves and it is shown many times in the book that he is tempted to do the wrong thing to be with her again but he realizes that she is always with him. The next is that Magnus never met his father who is a god and realizes that he is guiding Magnus throughout the book. The next is that Sam wants to find Odin who is guiding her and found out that he was with her and the rest of her group the entire time. so in conclusion the theme of the story is that what you want most in life is with you all the time.

The End