Causes of the disaster

  • Unprecedented rainfall
  • unplanned urbanization
  • lack of preparedness
  • drainage system is undeveloped
  • change in climatic condition
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Steps taken by the government

  • The health department has set up medical centers at relief camps to treat patients symptomatically.
  • The Central government also flew in supplies of chlorine tablets to make drinking water potable at relief camps as the supply of packaged water is unlikely to suffice.
  • The defense ministry said that they distributed 7,200 blankets, 210 tents, 42,000 liters of water, 600 kg of biscuits, 7 tons of baby food and 1000 food blankets
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Could this be avoided?

It could have been avoided by the following ways -

  • Afforestation should be encouraged
  • Tourism must be controlled
  • Population must also be controlled
  • controlled development
  • Disaster management must be improved
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Its impact on our country's economy

  • An immediate loss of 5,400 - 5,700 crore.
  • Damage of more than 50 bridges, roads and buildings
  • Apples have become costlier by 18%
  • Agricultural crops have been affected adversely.