Know your Faith

Know, understand, share & get fired up for the faith

A SFC weekend special!

'Know your Faith' will equip us with a better understanding of our Catholic Faith. The Catholic Faith founded by Christ Himself, is deeply steeped in faith & reason, rich in its history as a witness to the faith and has withstood every possible attack in the last 2000 years.

The revelation of Christ is presented in its fullness through the Catholic Church. Its time we stepped beyond just defending our faith and actually share our faith with others - not just our fellow Catholics who perish because of a lack of knowledge, but our non-Catholic Christian brethren as well who are getting increasingly swept under a multitude of doctrines that end up confusing and watering down their faith and non-Christians who unknowingly seek Christ in all the wrong places.

Calling all Mumbai & Pune SFC!

Friday, Nov 30th, 6pm to Sunday, Dec 2nd, 3pm

Mira Road

Mira Bhayandar, MH