South Carolina

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About the crops

The crops have many advantages of making money for the people who grow the crops. Also the #1 crop that is grown all though the south Carolina state is soy beans and the second one is corn. They produce a lot of the soy beans and corn too. That is a little bit about the crops in the state south Carolina.

A little bit about the states name

The state's name was named after King Charles. His son was an explorer. He wanted to name the state after his dad. Did you know that Carolina is Latin for Charles and that is why it is called south Carolina. and that is a lot about the name south Carolina for you to learn about.

The tourist attractions in south carolina

The number 1 south Carolina state tourist attractions is Myrtle beach. The 2 one is the zoos and shopping places that they have. Lots of people come and see the house and the capitol of the south Carolina state were you can learn about the past thing that the state has done like fairs and other things like that.That is a little bit about the south Carolina state tourist attractions.

About the states nickname (the palmetto state)

The state is called the palmetto state and I will tell you how it gets that name. It gets that name because the South Carolina state is known for growing palmetto trees in the summer, spring and sometimes in the fall. That is why the state flag has a moon and the palmetto tree on it. :) ;)

Thank you for reading my report and hope you hade fun

Did you learns some my report and hope you found out a little bit about the south carolina state. Did you find out a little bit about the souh carolina state. Did you?