The Fault in Our Stars

John Green

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Copyright date of this book is January 2012. This is the #1 Realistic fiction book of 2012! This realistic fiction because this could happen in real life!
We all know you wanted to read The Fault in Our Stars book. If you have seen the movie then you would want to read the book. This book is very romantic and beautiful. When I read this book I was unable to put it down. The first chapter I fell in love with it it was just so amazing. This book was absolutely one of my favorites. I really recommend this book to you guys.

Summary of The Fault in Our Stars

The book is all about two teens who fall in love and they both have cancer they met in a support group meeting. As you know when someone gets cancer they get a free wish to go anywhere. Hazel Grace Lancaster (one the main characters) already used her cancer wish on Disney Land. The guy she meets Augustus Waters (another main character) has not used his wish. After they met Hazel met him in support group she recommend a book to him which was called The Imperial Infliction by Peter Van Houten. When he reads this book Augustus wants to meet this author and he uses his wish to go to Amsterdam. Find out what happens after they go to Amsterdam.

Hazel Grace Lancaster

Hazel Grace Lancaster is a main character in this story. She is a young strong beautiful girl and she has stayed strong through the cancer she has been battling. She was diagnosed with thyroid lung cancer. She has stayed strong through the whole thing since she was 13.
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Augustus Waters

Augustus Waters is a very charming boy. Augustus has cancer also that is how Hazel and him met. They both met at there support group for kids who have cancer and they want to talk about. Sometimes Augustus can be a little childish in a good way.
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The big problem in this story is there falling in love and they both have cancer. They will not know how long they will be alive. One could die because of there cancer. Hazel one day couldn't breath in the middle of the night she woke trying to breath and she was off to the hospital luckily she got out. The doctors said she probably couldn't go to Amsterdam. Hazel was so upset when she heard that news. Later on she was able to go they worked it out and she went to Amsterdam. You will have to read the book and find out what else happens.
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