The Range

Do your shoes need to change? We got some at The Range!

We have a wide variety of shoes!

From Nike Baby Air Force Ones to Boy's and Girl's Crocband Classics, we have all sorts of sizes, colors, and types of shoes. Get yours today at the Post Oak Mall! For a limited time only, everything is 20% off.

Our Awesome Shoes

We have a shoe, just for you!

Our wonderful service and "range" of shoes will give you just the right shoe you desire! Cheap and well-made, our shoes will last you a long time for under $50 (mostly)! Read our customer comments on our facebook page:         "This is the only store I go to. I reccomend this store's good shoe quality and the combination of colors. All my friends commented on how awesome my shoes looked."                                                                      - Emily G.         "I love this store's wide variety of shoes. Their retro air maxes are absolutely delightful. I think this store should deserve five stars."                                                                      - Jack V.         "This store is unbelievably amazing. The Women's Chuck Taylors brought tears to my eyes that was how amazing they were. This store is a miracle. I almost cried at the shoes, the air force ones were so beautiful. The laces so silky, and soft. Such durable, strong, high-quality, charming, pretty shoes this store sells. I wish I could live here."                                                                      - Cindy W.