Bilingualism & Home Language Use

English Language Learners

Socioculturl Aspects

It is important for teachers to understand the students around the families they come from.

Understand how to use language that fits in with each students culture.

Cultural Impact

Ability for students to speak 2 languages helps the community.

Bilingualism also gives students opportunities to better themselves with good jobs.

Available Strategies and Resources

Bilingual Education

Strategies for Evaluating Home and School Partnerships

Teachers should work closely with students' parents so they can be on the same page with students needs. This will allow for the students to get the best education possible.

Parents should also be involved in whatever way then can in the classroom. Any help in this area, helps the teachers and helps the students.

Parent-teacher conferences are usually always a positive way to help the students education and bilingualism as well.

Leadership Roles at Home and School

Parents are responsible for helping the students in any way possible.

Students are responsible to learn what they can and practice language at home and school.

Teachers are responsible for helping and teaching the students the skills they need in their language.