Rebel without a Cause

Stephanie Schimmel



Judy is a bit dramatic, flirtatious, and a rebel. You can tell that she is dramatic by how at the police station she was crying for a very long time awaiting for one of the detectives to come in. She also tells Jim who lives when he asked her if she live in the house down the street from him. You can tell that she is a flirt because even though her boyfriend had died and she did not know Jim very long she still went out with him and played pretend house with him and Plato at the abandoned mansion and she had told Jim that she loved him and they kissed a few times. You can tell that she is trying to be rebel with the way she wears makeup, how she smokes a cigarette and how she hangs out with the "bad" kids.

Judy does have a cause

Judy does have her own reasoning for why she acts the way that she does. She feels like her parents try to treat her like a little kid while she thinks that she is practically an adult. She knows that her parents dislike the fact that she wears makeup but she does it anyways because that is what she wants to do and she doesn't care what her parents have to say about it even though they do call her mean names she really does deep down care because other words why would she cry at the police station She just doesn't want to seem weak around people her age and her parents.


In the beginning of the movie Judy acts like she is too good for Jim and anybody who is not part of her group of friends when she is around them and boyfriend. Although Jim keeps trying to talk to her anyways and get her attention. When Judy's boyfriend dies she changes and is actually nice and talks to Jim and Plato. She goes out with Jim and and starts to actually have feeling for him. She tells him that she loves him and then they kiss each other. She changed form thinking that she is too good for certain people to not caring what the "cool rebels" have to think and is nice and talks to whoever she want to talk to.

Analyzing the Meaning

The Mansion

When you just watch the movie and do not look deep into the meaning then Judy, Jim, and Plato seem like they are just messing around and having fun. Although if you look deeper into the meaning of the mansion it symbolizes the fact that they do not really have good family home lives so therefore Judy, Jim, and Plato go to the mansion and play house. They create themselves there own perfect happy family in the mansion.


I think that the main lesson of this film is to show how kids can be affected from the way their family my be like. The moved focused on the trouble youth and how they want to either rebel, look strong, or have become crazy because of how they grew up in the families they had. Judy was a kid that wanted to rebel because of her family.


Whose family situation do you think is the worst and why?

I think that Plato's family situation is the worst because he really does not have a family there to take care of him. He did not really have anyone to look up to and learn from.