Florida Trip

When we got there, at the parks and at the condo

When we got there

When we got off the plane, we got to an area where we can regroup. It was very difficult because we couldn’t see each other. When we met up at baggage claim, Jesse, my uncle JJ, and my grandma went to go get the rental car. While me, my mom and dad, and my little cousin Dominic stayed at baggage claim. Surprisingly, once we got the car, we tried to get to our condo, but we got lost and couldn’t find the street it was on. Once we finally got to the condo, for some reason it was locked. So we had to go back to the office and pick up our key, then headed back to our condo. Into our beds we went. By the time I fell asleep, it was 1:00 am. That whole night was one tiring and stressful day.

At the amusement parks

Amazingly, the amusement parks we went to were amazing. First we went to Legoland. It was full of gigantic lego sculptures and machines. We even got to battle each other with lego spinners. The next day we went to was Sea World. I was amazed at how much detail went into that place. We got to go on a ride where it was close to 20 degrees. It was amazing also to see the orca whale shows. The next day we went to the Kennedy Space Center. We saw all the stories of the old space missions to the moon. We even got a tour around the NASA Space Station while we were there. We then next went to a beach that was less than a mile away from where the space station was. It was my first time swimming in a ocean. Swallowing it was a bad idea though. It was really fun when we got to jump against the waves and see who didn’t fall over. The next day was when we went to our final park, Disney World. It was amazing seeing the rides and stunt shows. I loved riding the Star Tours ride in Hollywood Studios. That night we also got to see the firework show. They also did some projection pictures off the castle that had images of what some people did during the day and some of Disney’s top franchises. It was a once in a lifetime experience.

At the condo

When we weren’t at the amusement parks, we were back at the condo relaxing. Normally, I just layed down on the couch and watched some tv. At some points I went on my laptop (the reason why I brought my laptop was the stock market competition was almost over and we wanted to check our stocks.Wanting to play some games for a little bit also. I loved it when it was dinner time because the food was always really good. I never left not hungry. The stressful part was when Dominic didn’t want to do his homework. We did all of our homework before we left, but his homework was to say and describe what happened during the day. We thought that he was going to run upstairs screaming he didn’t want to do it that bad. One time his mom called him while he was working, and he hung up on her during the call. Let’s just say that we watched some videos and some basketball upstairs while he was having his meltdown. Other than that, it was always good in the condo.