March 18, 2016

Welcome Back!

Great to see everyone this week - and we all hit the ground running.

Be thinking about several things from Teaming:

1. Your HERO Reflection

2. Data Days for Next Year

I don't expect HERO reflections to be very long, but in addition to what kids give, I'd like to see what teachers think and be able to share this with other people. Please have this to me by noon on Monday. Please use HERO in the re:

I will ask for your input about Data Days before the end of the year. Don't send it to me now, unless you already have, I'd like to get some distance from it before we do that. I'd prefer some reflection on Data Days by May 2nd. If you have already sent it, that's fine. Just put something like "Data Days" in the re:

We are in the final stretch of preparing our kids for STAAR. I think yesterday was the first time I have made it to (nearly) every core meeting. Biggest reminder: only personalize the data to the point that it makes you better - if it causes us to feel defeated, we aren't looking at it the right's not about the knockdown.

Keep that laser focus on achievement and improvement. We will keep reminding them that there are really no breaks after Good Friday.

Next time we break, it will be summer!

Upcoming Dates.....

March 21st: Girls Track @ Mabank; Boys @ Ferris; Tennis @ Crandall

March 22nd:

March 23rd: Band UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest

March 24th:

March 25th: Good Friday

But the Fighter still remains.......

The songwriters in popular music aren't quite as good as they used to be. I remember listening to S&G when I was a kid - they always depressed me, but they made such meaningful music. If you get a chance to read the lyrics to this song, please do so.

Several interesting things about the song: the lie-li-lie refrain was originally meant as just a placeholder for words that Simon would write, but they felt it fit and left it in. Though there are different interpretations, Simon says that, at the time, he was reading the bible a great deal and the lyrics were inspired by lines that stuck with him and the comfort people seek when they are lonely, poor, and afraid.

The entire song is in 1st person until the last stanza. Simon said the last stanza is about him because he felt as if he was being unfairly criticized at the time.

The final line of the song is what we talk about all the time.

Simon & Garfunkel - The Boxer (Audio)