All About Me

By Joshua

My Family

I live in Anna with my mom,dad,sister,and my dog Rory.And my great house is very cool so is my grandma's house.Because my grandma's and grandpa's house is fun like my house is because I have a sister who is 4 right now.But she'll turn 5 on December 21,2015.Oh,I'm 8 years old right now but I will turn 9 next year. And I was born on June 5, 2007.I'm french too don't judge me.

Important Memory

My important memory is when I first got wet. At the beach when I was 2 years old. It was a bright, sunny day it was finally my 2nd birthday and my grandma got me a swimsuit. It was a great birthday because we were going to the beach! And that is how I got wet and my sister got wet too!


My 1st goal is sports so I need too be better at basketball and golf. On golf I know how to use a driver and a lot of irons and a putter. On basketball I know how to dribble like a man but still try too shoot a lot of times I miss. My 2nd goal is too be a better butter! That is what my my sister calls me a butter. And my 3rd one is too be me! Then I would not been able too write this.


I am interested in games because they are very fun, and funny, oh, they all are very, very cool. And some make you very mad because there's a game called Don't Get Mad! And you will have too break your computer!