Lets make us difference

Change-- let the nation know

Lets make those who've fall behind in despair dream,

Dream a nation of beauty and grace

Let us rejoice all those memories by saying "no to this,"

Make our country better, make it to remember: for the things we did for those people who dare to dream.

The things that will someday bloom like a flower in the moon


Is a difficult things

Let your voice be heard for those who live in our nation

Don't make them suffer, but make them remember, the things you will do to our great nation.

WE are not a nation, but we are a union

We feel that as union we shall make difference for the people

"Let your voice be heard over the mountain to show how you care"

If you want something to change act now, before its too late!!!!

Temperance Movement

We must control our temper

We must take out booze in our country

We must act now!! Before our children get hurt

This will only bring chaos in to our nation

Like a land of peace and prosperity--- Maine Law 1851-- Neal S. Dow

The Father of Prohibition

Education Reform

Let us not treat the child so badly

let's all mold them to a great citizen

that will someday be standing in the nations capital

L et us make them wonder make them see the world clearly

Lets come together and teach them respect that they all deserve and they shall treat us good.

when they do bad things don't hit them let them learned on their, so tomorrow they will do it right when mistakes are made

-------Horace man----- Father of American Education

Help them teach them make them your own child then you'll know

how much they will son love the country

Women Rights

We are human just like you

Who dream of freedom, like you

We are the ladies who've been thrown around Like a Lasso

When you're done we get hurt by your words, by things you say

We might not be like you,but we know we are human with feelings too

What is bill of rights?, "if women are not allowed,"

We came to this country to make good of ourselves,

Lets not take us for granted but take us to were we want to go,

Freedom for women just like you!

We are human just like you

"We have a rights!"

Freedom to vote not us but you? Impeccable!

Lucretia Mott+Elizabeth Cady Stanton= 1848- Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments

Oh yes! We have rights and voice just like you.

Asylum\Penal Reform

We are dirty

stinky and full of disease when will you even start to clean us up

we are crowded, sweaty people bad food in the cafeteria

Rats all around us What can you do to help us

Not enough sleep from the crowded bed who will fix this bed they made

Dorothea Dix is the one that fix gather around foot on the ground Prison reform here we come

Now we are clean, better food, not so crowded thanks to her and her beauty now we can breath from this crowded room

we might be a criminal but we have right to show them what we got

YAY! and Thanks to you Dix for prison reformed you fix


We want to be heard,

not just as a slave-- who've been judge by their color, discriminate

we want to be as free as a bee can be,

buzzing and humming let us be free.

Let us be heard by not the color of our skin, but by voice

That make us real Abolish slavery then make us be free

At last we are heard by the in the south and north

We called them not our savior, but our hero

They are our hero named

William Loyd Garrison,

Frederick Douglass,

and also at last Harriet Tubman.