Romeo Montague

Son of the Montague's

About Me

Hello my name is Romeo Montague. I am the son of Lord and Lady Montague.

Birthday: February 1st

Age: 16

I'm a rich, young man, who falls in love with beautiful women quite easily. I was home schooled and I am currently unemployed because I'm rich and do not need to work. I've lived in Verona all my life. At first I was in love with a young maiden named Rosaline, but then I met my love Juliet who unfortunately is the daughter of my enemy, the Capulet's.

Status Update:

Just got rejected by my true love, Rosaline. What am I going to do? :(

Status Update:

Looking forward to going to the Capulet's ball, I get to see my love, Rosaline. :)

Status Update:

I think I just met my true love. Her name is Juliet, she is so beautiful, but she's a Capulet.

Status Update:

Today is the big day, I'm getting married to Juliet today, can't wait!! :)

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Status Update:

Tybalt just killed my friend Mercutio, I must get my revenge. #RIPMercutio #VeryAngry

Status Update:

I killed Tybalt. What have I done?

Status Update:

Sorry, it's been a while. After I killed Tybalt I had to leave Verona, otherwise I would be killed. I'm on my way back to see Juliet now, I can't stay away from my love.

Status Update:

My Juliet is dead. I cannot live anymore.


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