January 18, 2016


Mr. Montgomery and Ms. Curry....registering to be bone marrow donors with one of the Career Day speakers. This has inspired us to begin a drive in the Fall semester with all RGE community.

Second Grade Team...working collaboratively to cover classes for DTM model lessons. Teachers combined classes (even with a new teacher on board) to help team members go to observe the lessons.

Ms. Alvarez and Nurse Nkwantabisa...assisting in covering Fourth Grade lunch duty and pitching in with extra efforts when the office was short-staffed.

Ms. O'Connor along with several other staff... for modeling the importance of reading in math class during D.E.A.R. The love and stamina for reading is being encouraged and modeled for all students. Thanks for integrating curriculum and being a positive model for students love of reading.

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Please remember that our students learn best with teacher interaction. As a courtesy reminder, teachers should be actively engaged with students. It is a campus expectation that teachers refrain from sitting at his/her desk.

Due to ongoing restroom concerns, teachers must take all students to the restroom whole group. If a student has an emergency, you must have a system in place in which students sign out/in so that we are able to keep track of incidents.

Please be sure that CHAMPS expectations are being implemented in moving students throughout the building. January is a good time to refresh this expectation with students.

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18 MLK Holiday

19 Reading/Math/Science/Writing Small Group Interventions begin

Ms. Allison will be visiting all grade level teams to review data


21 Writing CFA

22 Reading CFA


26 Progress Reports

Science CFA

CBLT at 3:45 (Holmes)

27 Junior Achievement3rd-5th (White)

28 Second Grade Field Trip (Joiner)

SMI Observations (Lucas)

Math Night 6:00-7:00 PM (Math Committee)

29 Math CFA

Campus Wide Poetry Slam at 2:00 in the cafeteria (Gardner)

PLC will be back on schedule January 19th; Tutorial letters will be sent home with select students in Tuesday Folders on January 12th.