polar bears

By Sarabeth

what are some interesting facts?

Polar bear cubs leave their mom at two or three years old. since polar bears are so big, they can ususlly only have two-three cubs at a time.sometimes cubs will leave the den at three monthes, or at two years old. cubs will start breeding at four or five years old. the males weigh 770 pounds to 1,500 pounds

what do polar bears eat?

Polar bears usally eat animals that swim, and sometimes they eat stuff on land. polar bears usually eat fish,seals and peinguins. their diet is seal fat because they love seals. they also love fish because they are meat. Because cubs are so little, their diet is milk.

Where do polar bears live

Polar bears live in the North pole. They usually live in a den or a tunnel. sometimes if someone built an igloo, they will live in there as well. although polar bears can be picky about things, where ever they can find someplace warm they will live in. polar bears like warm places because when their cubs are born the cubs can stay warm, and also stay healthy.

How lond do polar bears live?

polar bear live for about 15-18 years. if they are lucky, they will live 20-30 years or 30-40 years. Because polar bears are so big they live for a longer time then other animals live. polar bears can`t die from being freezing because they have so much fur, and polar bears can`t die from being hungry because they are non stop hunters.