Students Against Poverty

Give change to Make a change

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Our Goal

Our goal is to make a change in the world by reducing the amount of poverty occurring, starting in our community by using fundraised money to feed the less fortunate.

What we do

  • Sell items such as doughnuts, cupcakes. etc
  • Have fundraising dinners
  • Help other clubs as well as host their events
  • Create events such as #ChangeToWin which is a contest where people tweet pictures of themselves giving to the less fortunate using this hashtag. Afterwards, we draw out a random name and give the winner a grand prize.
  • Auctions where we sell items and the money goes to those in need.

With all this money we raise from fundraisers and events, we buy groceries and non perishable food items for individuals who are struggling to afford food and water. These groceries would last a week and will have items from each food group. We will also make meals with those groceries for those living out on the streets. In addition, some of the money we raise goes towards homeless shelters who then provide warm clothes and a place to stay during the winter nights.

When we meet

At Rick Hansen Secondary School, every Monday after school in room 213, club members will join together for a meeting where we talk about fundraising ideas and new ways to reduce poverty. Throughout the school year we will have at least one fundraiser every two weeks when possible and the weeks in between will be when we hand out groceries and make meals.

How I know this club brought about positive change about this issue

Poverty is always an ongoing issue around the world. People always put an effort in trying to make a difference. However, there should be more clubs and organizations that are actually determined to generate a larger action and become successful. I will know that my club brought positive change to this issue because considering the amount of people who are aware of poverty occurring around the world including in our city, would be willing to help with the issue. People want to help, but they don’t have the opportunity to do so; this club will give willing individuals the chance to help others. It is a great way to gain volunteering hours and to make a difference in our community. I believe this club will be successful because many individuals would be willing to assist with fundraising and buying groceries for the less fortunate, considering it is a unique idea and that the majority of people lend money rather than food. Food is one of the most important necessities to survive and people living in poverty struggle to afford it. With our club becoming successful, we would be willing to collaborate with many other clubs related to ours across the GTA and work together to make a change not only in our communities but across Canada. This would require a lot of work and effort but if students have knowledge about what our club does and what we can do in the future, they may be willing to join. We will also continuously raise awareness of our club around the school to allow individuals to understand the purpose of our work. In conclusion, Students against Poverty will be a continuously active and helpful club that will give people the opportunity to give back to the community as well as provide the less fortunate with the basic necessities of life that they shouldn't have to struggle for.