P.B.L 4 War on Drugs

By group 3 A Casie Coleman, Ethan Collins, Jacob Watson

Driving Question

How can we make a more effeicient plan to stop South American drugs from entering our state/area?

By:Casie C.

Past Plans

What is being done to stop the drugs from entering our state/area?

-border patrol and plane security

By: Ethan Collins



Reason why

Texas should stop drug trafficking. They should have more border patrols and drug dogs.

They should stop because of drugs cartels are selling to many drugs,and because of

the law. By Casie .c

What I learned......

I learned that their is a lot about cartels ,and the drugs they have.I learned that the Coca Flower only grows in the Andes Montains. I learned the name of the countries that sell drugs.

by group