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Nov 12-16, 2018

from Mike & J-

Some of our favorite and and preferred time is learning together as a leadership team. It was good to lean into some conversation on Tuesday at ActivateSPS together, and we look forward to next week at Job Alike on Wednesday.

A couple of things are getting ready to roll out soon. One of them will be Panorama Leadership Survey. Dr. Jungmann's and the ELT Group will roll out first (next week). The December rollout will include a survey of J's (and potentially other ELT members) and Mike's individual leadership that will rollout the same time your leadership survey will be rolled out to your staff. Also coming soon, the communication concerning intention to resign/retire at the end of this school year. If you as a leader are thinking about this, please connect with J as soon as possible to share your intentions.

Thank you for your focus on completing the BOY Math IC. To keep the focus on instruction in all areas, a reminder the MOY time includes Reading & Writing IC checks. While the intensity may not need to be at the same level as Math, it is still important and a baseline of our foundation. I (J) had a valuable conversation with Gary Tew at Holland this week, and wish to share what he is doing. He is having his teachers complete the IC prior to a lesson observation, then he is using their completed hard copy to compare against preview, making notes on the form so both theirs and his are right there to review. There may be some value in this for you to consider. Give him a call and connect if you wish to learn more.

One quick awareness piece: I (J) am participating in the SAMS process. For a majority of the week, I will have an individual shadowing me to baseline where and how I am spending my time and energy. Part of the person's charge is not to engage with individuals. Just wanted you to be aware when you see an additional person with me.

Thank you for all you do! Make it a great week!

To Learn, Students Need to DO Something

When planning your lessons, ask yourself if students are doing anything with the material, or if you’re just setting things up so it’s information in, information out.

Upcoming Learning Support Events

  • November 5 - Explore Curriculum Writing (8-3)

  • November 7 - Master Learner Numeracy Year 1 - 2nd Grade (8-11)

  • November 7 - Master Learner Numeracy Year 1 - 3rd Grade (12:30-3:30)

  • November 8 - Master Learner Numeracy Year 1 - 4th Grade (8-11)

  • November 8 - Master Learner Numeracy Year 1 - 5th Grade (12:30-3:30)

  • November 8 - Master Learner Elementary Literacy Year 1 - (8-11)

  • November 9- Master Learner Numeracy Year 1 - Kindergarten (8-11)

  • November 9 - Master Learner Numeracy Year 1 - 1st Grade (12:30-3:30)

  • November 13 - Kindergarten ELA Curriculum Writing (8:30-3:30)

  • November 14 - 1st Grade ELA Curriculum Writing (8:30-3:30)

  • November 15 - Master Learner Institute Year 2, K-5 PBL (8-11)

  • November 27- 2nd Grade ELA Curriculum Writing (8:30-3:30)

  • November 28 - 3rd Grade ELA Curriculum Writing (8:30-3:30)

  • November 28 - Math Standards Committee (8-3:30)

  • November 29 - Master Learner Institute Year 3 (8-3)

  • November 29 - STEAM Curriculum Writing (8:30-3:30)

  • December 4 - 4th Grade ELA Curriculum Writing (8:30-3:30)

  • December 5 - 5th Grade ELA Curriculum Writing (8:30-3:30)

  • December 10 - Explore Curriculum Writing (8-3)

The best videos for educators 2018

A little something for everyone here...

Learning Support Updates:

ELA Updates

  • The English Language Arts updated Item Specifications have been posted on the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s ELA and Assessment webpages. This updated document includes new sample stems for grades 3-5 and added clarification statements to some standards.

  • These sample stems are ways for teachers to assess the learning in their classroom when they are focusing on a specific Missouri Learning Standard. Below is a third grade example:

    • Standard: 3.R.1.C.b

      • Explain relevant connections between: Text-to-world (text ideas regarding experiences in the world)

    • Sample Stem:

      • Compare and contrast how _________________ does and the way _______________ does in (insert city,state, country, world, etc.).

      • Example: Compare/Contrast how Joey makes pastries with the way Chef Tsai does in Thailand. (This example may use text for Joey’s example and a video for Chef Tsai.)

Integrated Units Updates

  • Teachers have worked during the summer and throughout first quarter to assist in revising the K-5th Grade Integrated Units. This included revising resources based on feedback as well as assessment items being added to each unit.

  • Each teacher has a Blueprinted Canvas Course that includes these updates. Both students and teachers have access to these courses from their Canvas dashboard.

    • First Grade Grade, Fourth Grade, and Fifth Grade are complete.

    • Kindergarten, Second Grade, and Third Grade are still works in progress.

Physical Education Updates

  • Teachers participated in the following agenda at ActivateSPS.

  • Teachers have the opportunity to sign up for the new “Optic Activity Monitors” at their sites for 2 weeks to increase student engagement while improving fitness levels.

  • Teachers also have the opportunity to sign up to use the “Heart Rate Adventure Course” at their sites for 2 weeks.

  • Rick Grayson purchased additional “Tri-Golf” equipment to provide each Elementary site their own golf set. Rick has now purchased over $75,000 of golf equipment for SPS!

From the Library

Library media specialists have named 2018-19 as “The Year of the Book” and are focusing on reading promotion and building a strong library collection. Each month we are looking closely at one or two parts of our school’s collection to see what needs to be added or “weeded” (removed based on relevancy, currency, and condition), and especially what might need to be added to improve the diversity of the collection. When you read great books, please recommend them to your school’s library media specialist.

SLT, followed by Elementary Leadership Team Job Alike

Wednesday, Nov. 14th, 8:30am

1359 East Saint Louis Street

Springfield, MO

More Learning Support Updates - Math

Math Updates

Please contact Catherine Castillo if you need additional supplies at your site for Bridges Intervention. A per classroom allotment has been set aside to purchase additional materials this year.

We had a great second Twitter Chat this month on the Task and Share structure. Please try to join us for another chat if you haven’t had the opportunity to join.

I am on the lookout for great examples of math workshop structures and teachers who are great at questioning. If you have someone you think would be great to use as a model classroom, please fill out this form. Thank you to those of you who have already contributed! I am excited to get out to sites to see it in action!

Consider making time in your next staff meeting to have teachers who are participating in Master Learner Numeracy share a task with your staff. They are trying some new things in their classrooms and would love to share their learning!


Join this month’s #iTeachMO Twitter chat as we explore Make an Impact: Unpack Potential. This chat is aligned to Growth Plan indicators 2.1, 2.2, 3.2, 5.3 and 9.2

The power of the chat comes from a variety of educators learning together. Please encourage participation as you seem fit!

Tuesday, November 13, 8CT by following #iTeachMO on Twitter.

from Marty Moore - SPS Anti-Bias Framework and Support Resources

Several equity frameworks improve learning results for historically underrepresented learners. The Equity & Access team, in collaboration with our Equity Champions and community partners, spent last year listening, learning and researching a model to support SPS learners. We’re proud to share the SPS Anti-Bias Framework which we’ve adapted from Teaching Tolerance. The Framework creates a roadmap to help us continue to move the needle for ALL learners. As a key component, the SPS Anti-BIas Framework asks us to reflect on our own identity and how it is similar and different to others. Our experiences lead to our behaviors which lead to our actions. We’ll be using this framework and its accompanying resources at all levels of the system. You can access the framework here and see how the supports we’ve been working on for three years fit into that framework. Let us know how we can assist you and your team!