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January 29-Feb 12


Important Items from the Site Calendar:

Week of February 2nd: Happy School Counselor Week to Mrs. Whitwell!

Feb 3: Leadership Meeting at 3pm

Feb 4: Scott off campus in the AM

Feb 4: First Grade Data Meeting

Feb 4: 100th Day of School!

Feb 5: WatchDOG Dad, Mr. Whitley!

Feb 5: Tailgate Party at Lunch (see event info further down the Chronicle)

Feb 5: PTA Movie Night

Feb 8-12: Friendship Week (see note about dress days further down the Chronicle)

Feb 10: Rowdy Program see emails /calendar for specific times for K-2/3-5

Feb 10: Grade Level/Department Meetings at 3pm

Feb 11: KN Data Meeting

Feb 11: WatchDOG Dad, Mr. Haeker

Feb 12: WatchDOG Dad, Mr. SIlva

Feb 12: Valentine Parties at 1:30 PM

Tutoring resumes on Tuesday, February 23rd!

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AVID Corner


In today’s AVID Corner I want to share a quick reflection tool that teachers or parents can use to assess understanding. DLIQ is a an acronym that stands for:

Did/Do - What exactly was it that I did in class today?

Learned - What was it that I learned that I can take away with me?

Interesting - What did I find especially interesting about the lesson?

Questions - What questions do I still have remaining after completing this lesson?

This is a quick assessment to see what exactly was retained by students and, based on their questions, what areas might need to be revisited or explored in more depth. Teachers can use DLIQ as an “Exit Ticket” at the end of a lesson or unit. Parents can get students to do a DLIQ to see what they have been learning about at school.

Below is an example of a DLIQ that a student completed after learning about Learning Styles and Preferences. I have also included a blank DLIQ form for you to use as you would like.

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Tweets you may have missed!

Let's use the #coltslearn tag to tweet to when we experience learning or a resource that supports our work here at McCall. Here are some highlights of what has been tweeted recently:

Let's have a Super Bowl Tailgate!

Friday, Feb. 5th, 11am


See the google form above for all the details!

Friendship Week--Feb 8-12

Pam has created a week of dress up days, but they are easy to do without needing to wear jeans. Please honor our regular jeans schedule of Monday/Friday during Friendship Week. Thank you!

Join Kimbriel's Flipped PD! Class on Google Classroom

I will be posting two more reflective questions for your responses on Formative Classroom Walkthroughs in my Google classroom "Principal's Flipped PD!". The code to join the class is: c1cz4kc. Please come join the discussion!
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McCall Elementary Administrators

Stacy Kimbriel, Principal/ @skimbriel

Scott Schweikhard, Assistant Principal /@SSchweikhard

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