The 3 Little Kookaburras

By Jonas Gott

Chapter 1

Once upon a time in a chocolate tree far far away lived three little kookaburras. Their mum had told them that they were too old to be living together, so the three brothers set out to make their own house.

Chapter 2

The first little kookaburra made his house out of jelly. The second little kookaburra made his house out of melted chocolate and nerds. The third little kookaburra made his house out of rock hard ice cream. Next a massive hawk came flying out of a portal. When he spotted the jelly house he swooped down to see if anyone was home. When he rang the jelly doorbell no one answered, so he ate the jelly house in one second. Luckily the first little kookaburra escaped and flew to his brothers house. The two little kookaburras locked the house but it was no use. The hawk had already gobbled the whole house. Fortunately the two little kookaburras escaped and flew through a secret hatch that lead to their older brothers house.

Chapter 3

When the two little kookaburras arrived they told him what the hawk had done. The oldest brother was not scared at all. The hawk got thirsty so he went down to the Lemonade hole. After he got his drink he flew to the three little kookaburras house. When he tried to eat the house he broke his beak. The hawk hurt his beak so much that he flew away and never returned. The three little kookaburras lived happily ever after eating chocolate.