Skate Party 2015

The year just started, we're obviously all ready for a break!

Come celebrate the start of the dreaded school year and more importantly the opening eskate with us!

Skate Party 2015

Saturday, Oct. 3rd, 6pm

The corner of Washtenaw and Golfsfield

Come hangout with your friends or meet someone new at a kick ass place! Skating, booze, and so much more you aren't going to want to miss this!

Attraction (why your butt should be here!)

  • Skating (duh! It's a roller skating rink)
  • Drinks (Yes that DOES include alcohol)
  • All your favorite music with a great DJ playing them!
  • Grub (we know your gonna hungry skating out there. We got you covered)
  • And a huge Arcade! (you can show off your skills to impress that pretty girl your with)