Old Major

An old leader

Old major

democratic socialist, Orwell had a great deal of respect for Karl Marx, the German political economist and even for Vladimir Ilych Lenin the Russian revolutionary leader. His critique of Animal Farm has little to do with the Marxist ideology underlying the Rebellion but rather with the perversion of that ideology by later leaders. Major who represents both Marx and Lenin serves as the source of the ideals that the animals continue to uphold even after their pig leaders have betrayed them.


Old major was a leader who came before Napoleon and snowball were leader, old major started up a song named beasts of England during a speech and the animals had an outburst and started singing a very long time, until mr. Jones came out and shuted them up with a single shot of his shotgun. Old major died peacefully in his sleep a couple days after the speech, the animals got rid of all the remaining things that reminded them of old major and they even got rid of the beasts of England song too. They put his skull without flesh but just bone by the flag and gun as a remembrance symbol of great leadership. EVIDENCE CITED IN FIRST CHAPTER