No Teacher Left Behind

How do we keep our teachers up to date?

New techniques and Strategies

There are many ways teachers can gain new techniques and strategies to add to their teaching scheme. Many school districts have PD (Professional Development) throughout the school year that teachers attend and learn at. Also, since MOST teachers have their summers and other vacation days off, there are classes that area always being offered to help teachers improve their knowledge of education. Taking one or more of these classes can help a teacher in may ways, and sometimes their districts or school will help pay for the classes if they are geared towards something they want their teachers to improve on.

Are all Teachers the Same?

Of course not every teacher is the same, and some teachers may be more up to date on education and teaching with technology and the 21st century. Whether you have been teaching for 20 years, or this is your first there is always room for improvement. Students are changing every year, and along with that how they learn as well. There are you Core standards for teachers and for students that should always be paid attention to while teaching, but do not have to always be followed every lesson. Teaching in the best you can and finding that way is the first step in becoming a good teacher. Knowing your students and how they interact with you, and what best fits is key for a successful teacher.

Testing our Teachers

There are always new findings and ways to educate our youth in education. I think it's key that teachers stay up to date. Teachers should be tested throughout their careers to ensure they are exposing their students to the new ways and technology. Once new technology comes out for teachers or students to use teachers should be tested to ensure they know what they are teaching to the students. Tests like these would not harm their license, but simply show them classes that they should or need to take to improve their education.

You Can Teach an Old Dog Some New Tricks!