OGES Media Center

November 2017


Thank you to all of the OGES families and staff for helping make our Wild West Fall Book Fair a huge success! Our record breaking sales will help our library program grow and assist us in opening up a STEAM Lab (makerspace) to help us grow 21st Century Learners! We couldn't do it without you support!

What's Happening in Media?

Get a Frederick County Public Library Card!

Did you know the the Frederick County Public Library (FCPL) has partnered up with FCPS to help provide all FCPS students with a library card? Simply fill out the form that was sent home with students last week and then send it back to OGES. The forms will be sent to FCPL and processed and student cards will be delivered to our school!

Why should my student have a library card?

FCPL has many excellent resources that can be accessed at any of their eight branches as well as many digital resources. Students can use their FCPL library cards to access digital and audio books, music, video, and many more resources.

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