Chapter 20

World History 2

Chapter 20.1


Summarize the conquest of the Aztec and the Inca.


THE AZTECS: Hernando Cortés went on a voyage in 1519 and ended up landing in the coast of Mexico. Cortés and his crew were known as conquistadors, They believed that the land they were traveling to was full of gold and silver. Soon after they landed, they found out about the riches the Aztecs had. Montezuma II believed that Cortés was a god so decided to give them half of their gold supplies. The conquistadors weren't satisfied so they slaughtered Aztecs so The Aztecs rebelled. The Spaniards ended up capturing the Aztecs in 1521, due to their advances in weaponry.

THE INCA: Francisco Pizarro was another conquistador that took over the Incan Empire. Atahualpa, the Inca ruler, had a mass gathering of 30,000 men for a meeting which later was ambushed. The Spaniards also kidnapped the Inca ruler who offered them a great fortune for his release, instead they killed him and all of his people them retreated. They then captured the capital Cuzco with no struggle.

Map of Aztecs (Mayans) and Incans

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Chapter 20.2


Assess the activities the english colonies did in North America.


In the beginning, the colonies were more interested in seeking gold than planting food. They established a fur trade with Iroquois Indians and open their territories to other people like the Dutch, Germans, French and other peoples. They also built cotton and sugar plantation which later became a big problem involving slavery. Getting the natives to move off their land so they could expand, and growing tobacco.

Chapter 20.3


describe the triangle trade.


A trade route the people during that time used to transport slaves from Africa to America. The europeans also used this triangular trade to transports goods to Africa and for North America to export goods to Europe. Some of the goods that were traded were rum, cotton, tobacco, ivory, gum, gold, sugar, and molasses. The middle passage was considered the middle leg of the the triangular trade route. Many large ships full of slaves would be shipped across the ocean with barely any food or space.