Mr. Gray's Class


Mr. Gray's geography is the best class in the school.

If you ever decide to learn anything about Geography, you should go to Mr. Grays class.

You will learn a lot from just listening to what he says, and by watching what he shows you.

We play Kahoot!

Every day when we get our work done early enough, we play a learning game called Kahoot. Kahoot is a fun game that can either review you or help you learn more things about the subject.

Some of our top instructions are to be respectful and stay on task that way we can do more fun things when we get our assignments done.

This class doesn't come with any stress at all. You come in and you get your easy work done and then its time for more fun.

Mr. Gray asks alot of questions to the class, but he does this instead of giving out paper assignments.

When Mr. Gray asks a question, he is just trying to make sure you are ready for what's in front of you. The only time he will ask you a question is when we are playing a game or when he thinks you are prepared. Other times, he will ask a question if he sees that you are struggling with something.

This is the best place for learning Geography!!!

You may contact us at McAlester Public Schools.

Puterbaugh Middle School.

Mr. Gray's Geography