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It is time for your PDP mid-year review. Go into the system, answer the box about progress thus far, and submit. Thank you to those who have given feedback on the SEL--very helpful! However, I only have 5 of these submitted. Please take care of this ASAP.



Music Group


Visible Learning with Kara: 12:30


MN @ DLT 9:15-11:30



NEE: PDP Mid-Year, Non-Tenured Surveys

2/17: SCHOOL OPEN (Snow Day Makeup)

2/18: Vocational Rehab here

2/24: MOCSA here 9:30: Sexual Harassment (think about WHO)

2/26: Marimac Valley Schools to visit LA

2/27: HOPE Awards

SEL Lesson for NEXT Week (Feb 17-21)

Big picture

Expressing Our Empathy

Review: When have you recently felt empathy for someone else? What tended to be happening during those times? How often did students feel empathy in real life compared to empathic feelings in response to some form of media?

Circle: How does someone know when you are empathizing with him or her? How do you show that you are empathic? How can you tell when someone is empathizing with you?

Skill Introduction: When we feel empathy for someone, expressing those feelings is often helpful to that person as well as to us. As social beings, it feels good to connect with others, and empathy is one of the most powerful modes of connection. When we openly emapthize with others, we help validate their feelings, even if we don’t necessarily agree about the specific feelings or circumstances.

PRACTICE: What would you do/say in this scenario?

If someone is angry with you, how can you empathize with him/her?

(Echo an understanding of why the person is angry. Let the person know that it was not your intention to anger him (if that’s the truth). If you knowingly did something that led to anger, consider apologizing.)

If someone has just gotten bad news, how can you empathize with him/her?

(Echo their feelings that you understand them. Ask a question relevant to the news. Ask what happened?)

If someone seems confused, lost, or upset, how can you empathize with him/her?

(Ask questions to better understand the person’s feelings, mention that you have had those same feelings at times (if truthful), offer to help in some way.

In summary:

  • Great way to show empathy is by LISTENING

  • Empathy is about understanding OTHER PEOPLE’S emotions

  • Empathy shows we CARE for others

  • It is HARDER to show empathy online/social media

Journal: What did you learn about empathy from the examples we practiced? Why can it be hard to express empathy, even when we are feeling it?

Security Reminders

  • All students need to enter through the front doors.
  • Do NOT give students your key/badge. Radio and Fetters can help unlock.
  • Do NOT allow students to use your computer.
  • IF you notice someone in the building or on property that you don't know, inquire as to who they are and why they are there! (LMS had one show up recently "to change the lightbulbs"...when asked for ID he "went to his truck to get it" and never returned)

HOPE Award Winners...WHO wants to present?

WHO is willing and able to present for this year's winners? Let me know!

Secondary Awards: Thursday, February 27, 6:30 pm, Heritage Middle School

Personal Initiative: Angelina

Humanitarian: Gabriel

Courage: Cameron Roberson

Integrity: Caleb