The Beall Dawson House

Description of the Beall Dawson House:

The Beall Dawson house is located at 103 West Montgomery Avenue, Rockville Maryland 20850. The house was purchased by the city of Rockville and became the Montgomery County society headquarters.The house included a one room doctor’s office. In 1960 the Beall Dawson house became a museum. It is a 2 ½ story feral house. It was constructed of flemish bond brick.Out buildings of the house have a dairy house.
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View of the Beall Dawson house from the outside

HIstory of the Beall Dawson House

The Beall Dawson house was built in 1815 for Upton Beall and his family. They owned slaves and had multiple children. When Beall had it built, he wanted it to reflect his wealth and status of Clerk of Court of the county. As a result, the house was 2 1/2 stories tall with several outbuilings including a one room doctors office. His daughters lived there their whole lives, and we joined by a cousin and her family several years after the house was built. It was owned by the Beall family until 1960 when it was sold to the City of Rockville.
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This picture is one of the rooms for the slave head quarters, which is above the kitchen.

Importance to the Community:

The Beall Dawson house is one of the only reminders still standing of life in Rockville in the 19th century. It’s the headquarters of the Montgomery County Society, and also a museum. Anybody can come and see what life was like in the 1800s and go on tours of the house with a guide explaining everything about the things in the house and how they were used. The house stands out from the rest with architecture that is considered unusual today.