Egg Drop! (noggie)

Katelyn Petter

Our contraption!

My partner's name is Megan and we worked together on the egg drop test. First, the name of our project is "The Scrambler". When we tested it on the firetruck, Noggie(our egg) survived, Because this project is to see if we can build a parachute to make the egg come down smoothly from 45-50 feet high.

The way we did things

We did things is the science, for the list we made. Because. I went through the list and everything that was on the list me and Megan did for our project.

Solving Problems

Me and Megan encountered few problems, First, was the parachute we had at the beginning was made of all plastic bag. It would have worked but the plastic was too small to go slow we solved that problem however by adding the sheets of paper. Second, problem was the cups we used weren't cushioned so we added the packing peanuts and cotton balls to the inside and outside of the cups.

Why we made a parachute

We picked the parachute because that is the way sky divers get to the ground from a plane. We put two of the dixy cups together with lots of cushion inside to make noggie survive. When we dropped it off the stairs it worked good!

The day of the drop

When the firemen brought up the egg drops up the latter it looked so high. I thought our egg drop thing would never work! When they pulled "The Scrambler" out of the bag we were told to put it in I was supper exited. The fireman dropped it and it flew it through the air(went slow) the egg survived!