By:Alycia Severson, Period:7

History of Religion

How did it start?
The Mennonites were part of a group who rebaptized adult believers and since they did that they were also known as Anabaptists. Menno Simons gave the Mennonites their name. Menno Simons was a Dutch priest who converted and lead the Anabaptist Faith to prominence during the mid-16th century in Holland.
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What is it like now?
Many Mennonites today are not as different as you think. They are basically just like any other person you meet. Mennonites have spread throughout many different countries around the world and many of them have different ethnic backgrounds. Mennonites are usually living their life as simple as you are. Mennonites believe in being aware of the needs of others unlike the Amish who completely ignore their society.
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Beliefs of Religion

What do they believe in?
Nonresistance-The practice of not resisting violence by force.
Pacifism-The belief that it is wrong to use war or violence to settle disputes.
Nonviolence-The state or condition of avoiding violence.
Strict Mennonites also believe in no technology and strict dress code.

Organization of the Religion

Who is the leader?
Mennonites are Christian and they believe in Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit.

Do they worship in a group? Where?
When Mennonites worship they worship in churches. Their churches are not particularly decorated or highly built in any way. Even though they are not specially decorated they are separate, designated buildings that are usually only used for worship.

Do they have a sacred text? What is it?
They use the Bible and go by the book Ordnung for everyday life.

Current Statistics or Facts

~In the year of 1948 there was only 262,187 Mennonites in the World Mennonite Membership. In the year of 2012 there was 1,774,720 Mennonites in the World Mennonite Membership.
~The Mennonites were in a group all together that was led by Minno Simons but some of the other people in the group disagreed with some of the rules in the Bible. That group decided to leave the Mennonites and their leader was Jacob Amman and they became the Amish.
~Men of the Amish believe that the military is associated with mustaches. So a married man will never have a mustache because the Mennonites believe in pacifism.
~At age 16, any Amish teenager can decide if they want to leave the Amish life and see if they want to live life like us. That is called "Rumspringa". If the teenager comes back and decides they want to get baptized they can not leave the Amish life at all.
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