Buchenwald Concentration camp

Overview of Holocaust

Hitler was a Nazi dictator who wanted to dominate Germany and other countries . He thought Jews were the problem .He had Nazis kill 11 million people, 6 million were Jews . They built Concentration camps where the Jews worked and death camps where he sent them to death .The Allies came in about 1944-1945, and ended world war 2 .

Definition backround info

Buchenwald a Nazi concentration camp was more of a labor camp to anyone the Nazi had picked up . The prisoner's were forced to work on rock quarries . When the prisinors couldn't or wouldn't work, they were sent to death . the Americans took over in about April of ,1945 .The camps front gate still stands and a memorial ground .

Original Research question

Why did Buchenwald exist ?

Buchenwald was a labor camp started in 1937 . was a labor camp to Pols , Political people , Jews , Homosexuals . They had them work on rock quariies


Where is your god? Why he does not help you?" Jakob Silberstein, born in Poland in 1924, remembers the mocking of a high-level Nazi


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