The home of hospitality

The Basics....

  • Location: Romania is located in Southeastern Europe between Bulgaria and Ukraine and borders the Black Sea.
  • Weather: Romania winters are particularly cold and cloudy with snow and fog while the summers are usually sunny with rain showers and thunderstorms.
  • Climate type: Romania has a temperate climate which means it lies between the tropic and polar regions. it also means the climate is moderate (meaning not extremely hot or cold) and the changes between winter and summer is likewise.
  • Physical characteristics: Looking on a map, some of Romania's most distinct features would include The Carpathian Mountains, The Transylvania Plateau, and The Danube River.

How to fit in....

  • Language: Romania's official language is Romanian with 83.4% of the population speaking it. 6.1% speak Hungarian, 1.2% Romany (gypsy), and 1% other.
  • Folkways: Romania has many folkways that are normal to the people of Romania, but might seem weird to us. Some folkways are that married woman have to cover their head with a headscarf while unmarried woman don't have to, but they have to wear their hair in a braid. Another folkway is that for art the people wood carve,do ceramics, weave, and embroider. Woman usually wear head scarves, a vest,an apron, a skirt and white blouse while men would wear leather boots, a white shirt and pants, a wide leather belt, a vest, and a hat.
  • Taboos: Woman are very respected in Romania. Men rise when meeting a woman while the woman can stay seated. Men give woman a kiss on the hand which is not recommended for people not from Romania.
  • Values: People in Romania value their religion/church a lot. They also value their families and mostly children. Parents believe children are their most important responsibility. Parents provide care for their kids and in return the children take care of the parents in their old age. Romanian people also value their identity and are proud to be Romanian.

Digging Deeper into the Culture.....

  • Subcultures: Romania formed when Walachia and Moldavia joined together and were known as the Kingdom of Romania. Later Transylvania joined the Kingdom and they became modern day Romania. The are also people who live in cities an some in villages and their cultural life may vary.
  • Culture Landscape: In Romania's capital, Bucharest, old 17th to 18th century churches and universities stand.
  • Culture Change: Before WWII, Romania had a large population of Jews. Sadly more than 400,000 Jews were killed and the remaining Jews fled to Israel after the war. The populations of Germans in Romania also decreased.


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Created by: Courtney Paulson/Hr.5