Media Kills

By: Camilo Estrada

Media has been in my life it’s been here for a reason, it’s so we can know what’s going outside the world but i don't like how it's negative.

You can find out about something that’s been going on for a while you didn’t know about. That is something positive about media. Media can also have its negative side and to me that is that media is affecting me in a bad way.

A reason why i say media has a negative side is because i waste my time on it, or i spent too much time on it. It sometimes causes me to sleep late. When that happens it can be on weekdays and that’s really bad because more than likely i’m gonna have school the next day. If i sleep late i’m gonna be so disconcentrated on what i need to be doing in school, and school is really important. Another thing about media making me fall asleep late is that the next day i’m going to be really tired. Probably falling asleep in class. Also the fact that i spend too much time on it, causes me to not notice stuff going on around me. That is one of the reasons why media is negative at times.

Another reason why it has its negative side is because i am mostly inside i’m usually never outside. When i’m outside is when i have soccer practice that is something i love. When i’m home everything changes, most of the time i’m inside. That causes me to not go outside and be with my friends and play soccer which is something i love. Media causes a lot of people to not express themselves. That is another reason why i think media has a negative side.

In conclusion media is a huge in my life and probably others. Reason why i say that is because I don’t get enough sleep, and also because i spend way too much time on it.