Nail Queens

Nail Salon

Where Bueaty Is Never Beyond Your Reach

Come and visit our fun family enviorment

where our staff have many years of exprience.

A place where we make are coustomer feel like family.

We offer many special event packages, gift certificates

and incentive programs. so come and join our family

of clients at Nail Queens, Where Bueaty Is Never Beyond

Your Reach.

Our Fabulous Famous Nail Designs

We Are Open

Nail Work ______Monday 8:00am-7:30pm

Manicure $18 ___Tuesday 8:00am-7:30pm

Pedicure $25 ____Wednesday 8:00am-7:30pm

French tip $35 ___Thursday 8:00am-7:30pm

Hand Paint $10___Friday 8:00am-7:30pm

Toe paint $10 ___Satarday 10:00am-7;30pm

___________________Sunday 8:00am-5:00pm