W.J.H.M.S. Physical Education News

March 2016

Report card Term 2

All students interested in seeing their Physical Education Report Card for Term 2 can request a printed copy from Marc (P.E. Teacher).

The term 2 is worth 20% of your final grade. The 3 Physical Education Competencies are evaluated as follows:

1. Healthy habits: /50

2. Effort (Polar): /25

3. Interacting with others (teacher and peers): /25

A summary of your P.E. classes, your absences and a personal comment from your P.E. teacher is also on the P.E. Report Card. Just ask for it!

2016 Neuroscience and Physical Education Project in Waswanipi

​The Cree School Board is seeking to better understand the relationship between physical activity and sleep and the associated cognitive and emotional benefits, particularly how exercise intensity and sleep habits link to changes in the way students think, and their attention, mood and behaviour. Dr. Alex Thornton and his team are leading the study. Secondary 1 EN groups are provided with daily physical activity for 6 weeks by their Homeroom teachers (Scott Jenkins and Lisa Sanipass).


About W.J.H.M.S. Physical Education

We are located in Waswanipi, Québec, Canada.

Our school is a secondary school financed by the MELS and is part of the Cree School Board which is located on Cree territory in Northern Quebec.