Harriet Tubman

A Civil Way Hero

Harriet Tubman's life timeline

Birth: 1820, Hit on the head: (appox) 1835-1837, Marriage: 1844(divorced no date), Runs away from slavery: 1849, Rescues Slaves: 1850-1860, Marriage: 1869, Death: 1913,

Why Harriet Tubman is Special/Interesting

Harriet Tubman is very interesting and special because she risked her life running away from slavery. She also risked her life saving others from slavery. She rescued over 75 people and never got caught. She would go to extremes to save others. Tubman saved all of her family that she could. Some of her siblings were sent farthere south and never to be heard of again. She eventually had the nickname of Moses. That is ironically her brothers name. Harriet Tubman was one of the Underground Railroas conductors. Harriet Tubman was an amazing influence on many African American slaves.


Harriet's Character Traits

Brave: She risked her own life saving others

Strong: She went to extremes to save others

Kind: She never gave up on freedom

Courageous: She would keep going back for others, and not worrying for her own life.

Intelligant: She knew exactly what to do and how to do it

Obstacles in Her life

One of Tubman's life obstacles was when she was nailed in the head by a weight. She was constantly having seizures and spasms. Her owner only let her stay out of work for two weeks. An event that changed her life was the day she ran away. She realized that there were many other slaves that needed to be saved and she decided that the person that was going to help them was herself. Harriet Tubman was an amzing woman.


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Great Influence

Harriet Tubman was a great influence on many slaves. She gave them hope in the future that one day they will be free. She never gave up on freedom. Many slaves looked up to her and she free slaves time after time after time. She gathered money for the war effort and eventually it paid off. She left a huge impact on slaves and even African Americans today.