By Alex Flinn Presented by Allison Bessette

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Rachel walked through the cold fluff of snow as her feet sank through, the chill of the wind was nipping at her and thought, I'm not sure if I should do this.


Some people have to sacrifice for the one's they care about the most.

Rachel has to save Jack for he might die.

Figurtive language

"The wind blew into Rachel's face as she walked, puff's of whiteness spread on her face as she walked toward the road and hid behind a green, wet bush." "Her mother came and ran down the wet road as the cold puffs of winter fell on her."


the passage im recording is important is because it starts to solve the conflict


The characters names are, Jack, Rachel, and the mother. The setting is in the middle of nowhere, Rachel has to get out of the tower sometime, Jack finds a hidden tower in the middle of the forest and its kinda invisible cause its mossy like the green trees and grass, he finds a rope hanging out of the window he climbs it and climbs through the window and...... I would tell you but I can't cause that would be a spoiler!

Point of View

The point of view is 1st person but the book is acting in two people such as...

Chapter 14 Jack, "I never saw a real tower before but i sort of feel like I've seen one my whole life."

Chapter 8 Rachel, "Finally!" "I actually talked to someone besides mama! and he didn't want to leave!" I said