WIX Winning Ways 2014-2015

3rd, 4th, & 5th Grades

What is WIX Winning Ways?

A reward program to provide incentives for students to achieve academic success, exhibit positive behavior, and demonstrate good character during their daily lives. WIX Winning Ways has been a part of Forest Heights for 12 years and is still running strong. Join us this year as we continue this fun tradition and let's make this our best year yet!

Every 9 Week Ending & End of Year Celebration

WIX Trips happen at the end of every 9 week grading period with a culminating celebratory event at the end of the year. Previous year's events have included trips to Kate's Skating, Adventure Landing, Liberty Lanes Bowling, the Movies @ Franklin Square, fine dining establishments, etc. This year, we hope to recreate some of these trips as well as a new location or two.

WIX Winning Ways - The Only Way


  • Grades of 'C' or better
  • No more than 2 absences during the quarter
  • No office referrals

Students must meet all requirements each quarter to attend.

To qualify for the end of year event, only those students who attend each quarter will be eligible to attend.