By Sloth (Jake Yeon)

Sloth and Algae, New and Improved

Looking for some algae

I am looking endlessly and helplessly looking for a mutualism relationship with some soft, delegate yet thick algae to grow on my hair. I am a certified sloth, certified by the sloth police that I am allowed to let algae grow on my smooth, soft fur. This will help me from being eaten and camouflage from tree-dwelling creatures. In return, I shall protect you and let moths fertilize you so much, you shall feel as if you were just born!

Some Pictures with you and me

This is guaranteed to be very fun and relaxing

If you are worried about very petty things, such as getting stuck in my knots, or being eaten by me, do not be afraid. These things are always something that happens during your lifetime, and now is the time for that to happen. This is a benefit for me and you since you get to be fertilized and get nutrients from other things that live in my fur, such as beetles, mushrooms, and many more!