Teen Anxiety

Emily Ruttenberg

For everyone, anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. It can be positive, pushing you to study for a test or finish your homework, but it can also be harmful to you when it's constant and irrational, and prevents you from being able to focus.

There are treatments available for anxiety, but according to a 2015 report, nearly 80% of children with an anxiety disorder and 60% of kids with depression aren't getting any treatment. It's also shown that women are more likely to get anxiety disorders than men. They affect 25% of all teens and 30% of all teen girls. Parents can help their children if they have an anxiety disorder by connecting with other families, talking with your pediatrician, or possibly going to a mental health specialist.


-20% of kids ages 13-18 have a mental health condition.

-50% of all lifetime cases of mental illness begins at age 14.

-Almost 50% of students age 14 and older with a mental illness drop out of school.

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