Gr8 Tiger Bank Event

Time to spend your money!

Will you spend a lot? a little? save it all?

You must purchase a ticket Thursday afternoon during 7th period and that ticket is your key to get into the listed rooms. All money will be deducted from your account on Friday.

Choose your own adventure!

Friday, Dec. 18th, 10-11:45am

8th grade classrooms

Mrs Nelle's Room- Movie and a snack $800

Mrs. Pierce's room- Zentangle/ Art $400

Mr. Gilbert/ computer lab- Hour of Code- $200

Mrs. Eiler's room- Reading- FREE

Start time is 10:00am (after concert)

the event will last until the movie ends approximately 11:45.

This is an Early Dismissal day so you will be dismissed after lunch at 12:15pm.