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October 5, 2018

The Emotional Intelligence

Our students have been exposed to the Zones of Regulation for 9 weeks and I think we can all say that we have seen a noticeable improvement in our student's ability to identify their emotions, identify what zone they want to be in if they are not in one that is making them feel good at that given time, and now have strategies to get to that preferred zone.

Attached is an article from this month's ASCD Educational Leadership about the importance of teaching students about emotional intelligence. This is in alignment with our work with Zones.

Odds and Ends for Behavior Celebrations

Please be aware that the times on the permission field trip are not accurate for all grades.

Grades K&1 will start at 10:00 and return at 11:40

Grades 2 & 3 will start at 12:30 and return at 2:10

Grades 4 & 5 will start at 1:20 and return at 3:00

An email was sent out today from Leigh Anne proposing a suggestion for what do do with kids who you might be on the fringe about attending. This is a grade level decision regarding that idea and administration is supportive of what the grade level decides.

If a grade level has students staying back, depending on the number of students either a teacher or IA from that grade will need to be designated to stay behind with those students. If both grades for that trip have students that will be joining the party in progress, the grades may combine their kids for those who are not going at all with one adult and the other will take the kids who earned part of the party to the park when the time is appropriate.

An alternative activity that is connected to behavior should be planned during the time of the party for those who are not attending. Circling about behavior, setting goals for the next 9 weeks party, watching a video about better behavior (talk to grade 2 teachers they have some suggestions for videos), or reading a book about behavior (please see Krystal) would be appropriate activities for students who are not going. These activities should be engaging but not a celebration. They will be sad they are not on the trip, so making this a restorative and learning experience would be best.

If you have questions please ask.


The district is looking for a teachers who are interested in working closely with administrators and teachers in their schools to support the integration of instruction and technology. T2L leaders strive to enhance student learning by leading teachers in the application and best practices of established and emerging digital tools. If this description sounds like you, see the following attachments and apply! This could be a great opportunity for those of you who are tech savvy and love finding ways to use technology not as a filler but as a real way to move kids academically.

Don't bring a lunch on Wednesday

PTO will be providing lunch on Wednesday in the conference room. Come hungry and sleep a few minutes later since you won't have to make a lunch that day. Yea PTO!!!

Another Reminder That Your Work Matters

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I appreciate the work you do to write the certificates for the Student of the Month assembly. I brought that to your attention because we had a fifth grader who sobbed as he received an award because he never thought in his life he would earn an award. Thursday I received an email from a parent regarding our latest Student Of The Month assembly. This is another affirmation that the time you take to honor our children with a positive word about their behavior makes a difference.

Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to write you and tell you how impressed I was with the student of the month ceremony today. What a wonderful way to honor students and encourage other students. I know that you absolutely made our son's day, and as a parent, we were thrilled to be there. I loved hearing each paragraph written so personally by the teacher for each student, that was so special. The best part was seeing their little faces when their name was called and they got to stand so proudly on the stage.

Thank you for all you do in teaching and caring for our children. I am so grateful.


(K Parent)

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