Sports in Italy

By: Manny C.

Sports, are they an Everyday thing?

Sports in the Italy are recognized all over the world. Soccer, Baseball, and Rugby are just some of the amazing sports which are played in this one country.

Soccer- The Italian National Team is widely recognized for being the second team in soccer history to have won more than 5 world cups. Gianluca Zambrotta, is an Italian fullback who plays for the national team. Although he hasn't made any appearances, he is ready and on the lookout for an opportunity to make his debut, once again.

Baseball- The Italian Baseball League has only 8 teams. One of these 8 teams has recently won the Italian Cariparma Parma, an Italian Baseball Championship.

Rugby- The Italian Rugby Federation has over 1,024 clubs, which are a lot for this sport. This mean that competition is a big thing. Males and females play the sport, so they have a really good time.